How to Set up Auto Reply in Gmail Easily in 2024 (w/ Examples)

Imagine you are busy or away for some reason and receive an important email from a client etc, in your absence. Don’t Worry Gmail has a hidden setting that can respond to users with an immediate reply to mail when used correctly. It is like having a personal virtual assistant that can provide auto replies with customized templates per your commands.

If users receive tonnes of emails setting up an auto reply in Gmail using pre-written templates or responses makes more sense and saves a lot of time while doing your work. It ensures to guarantee that crucial messages are acknowledged promptly, even if you are occupied or absent. It’s also an effective approach to continue being professional and organized.

Here’s a simple Gmail trick that allows users to send automatic replies to incoming messages when set correctly using specific filters.

Quick Easy Steps to Create Automatic Replies in Gmail

Setting up automatic replies is a complex method and is only available on desktops or PCs. Users should be familiar with some functions and also have basic knowledge regarding Gmail to use this method more efficiently.

Alternately Gmail has a function called Out of Office Auto Reply that can be used on iPhone or Android or Desktops.

Interesting Fact: Gmail was Launched on April Fool's Day and many believed it to be an April Fool's Day prank. (Source: Google Workspace)

Enable Templates (Canned Responses) to Set Up Auto Reply in Gmail

By default the option is disabled, below is the step-by-step guide to enable the templates option previously named “Canned responses” on your PC.

  • Open Any browser and go to Gmail” on your laptop or PC. (Must Sign In)
  • Click on “Gear Icon” (Settings) to access more settings.
  • Under Quick Settings, Select “See all settings” for more options.
  • In Settings, Go to the “Advanced tab” and select the “Enable option” in the Templates section.
  • Lastly, Click on “Save Changes” Button.

Now when you compose a new message a popup window the template option will enabled in more options.

How to Create an Email Template in Gmail

Creating a new email template is as simple as sending a message which can later save time. Users can create new email templates for different occasions and later choose the required template before automating any replies.

  • Select “Compose” in Gmail and create a New template that you want to use as an automated reply by following these simple steps.
  • In the New Message tab, write a “Reply (Message)” without the recipient and subject.
  • At the right Bottom, Click the “three dots” for more email options.
  • Click on “Templates” from the options. Now “Save draft as template” and select “Save as new template”.
  • Now “Name the new template” as per convenience or requirement and Click on the “Save” button.

Here, a newly customized template is created which can seen under template options while composing a message.

Create Filters and Set up an Automated reply

Now to use the Newly created template in Gmail, you set up a filter that indicates when you want your template to be delivered automatically.

  • Open Gmailon your Browser. In the Gmail Tab, click on the arrow on the search bar located on top.
  • Specify what the automated reply filter’s criteria should be used to trigger the auto reply in Gmail. It might be any, including Name, subject, or any other form of field. Next, choose “Create filter”.

For instance, if your website has an email link you can set up a subject filter as the criteria. Alternately if you want something specific you can tell people to add particular terms or words so that you Use the “Has the Words” option more effectively.

The “Has the Words” function helps users to send their specific auto-reply to the intended recipient and can be used very easily in Gmail. Your autoresponder may respond to emails automatically if they include a certain term. This guarantees that your auto-reply is activated appropriately and that you respond to appropriate inquiries immediately.

  • Now “Tick the box” next to “Send template” and Choose the “Specific Named Template”.
  • Select the “Specific Named Template” that you want to use as an automated response.
  • And Lastly, Select “Create Filter”.
  • Now Go to Settings and Click on “See all settings”
  • In the Setting Tab, Switch to “Filters and Blocked Addresses” subsetting, where the new filter is stored. Once you’ve checked the box in the following filter, an automated reply will be sent to any incoming email meeting your requirements. And Save Changes.

Why Use Auto Reply in Gmail? (w/ Examples)

Firstly, in today’s fast-paced world, no one has time to write a manual reply every time as it is time-consuming. So it is better to have pre-made templates for different occasions and the cherry on the cake is to automate them with provided triggers.

Managing vacation alerts, answering marketing emails, and quick response are reasons people set up auto-replies in Gmail. Depending on how and for what purpose you want auto-replies, you may set them up in a variety of ways. Here are some samples that you may modify to suit your requirements.

1. Marketing emails

The marketing email auto-reply acknowledges the sender’s interest, assures them that their email has been received, and encourages them to explore the company’s website for additional information.

It’s crucial to be able to reply fast if you submit proposals or other correspondence to potential consumers via email. Thus, you may get more sales, income, and devoted clients by setting up auto-replies.

Example of Marketing emails

2. Customer Service

Customer service message gives the consumer a hotline number for instant assistance and guarantee them that their inquiry is valued and will be handled very quickly.

Example of Customer Service

3. Quick Respond Message

A quick reply is better than no reply. This message provides a positive impact on the receiver and conveys a message that the person will get in touch as early as possible.

Example of Quick Respond Message

4. For Enquires

This auto-reply message acknowledges receipt of the inquiry, assures the sender that it is being reviewed, and informs them to expect a comprehensive response soon. It also invites the sender to provide additional information if needed.


So here is one of the hidden settings Gmail. This article is about every possible way to automate replies in Gmail. This function can be a game changer when used properly and helps users to use Gmail at its full potential. Subscribe to The Techy Nerds for more interesting tricks.

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Why is my Gmail auto reply not working?

Check your Gmail settings and make sure the “Vacation responder” or “Out of office auto-reply” option is turned on.

What is an autoresponder email?

A series of emails that are automatically sent to your subscribers’ inboxes in response to specific trigger events is known as an autoresponder.