How to Hide Mentions in Instagram Story? 5 EASY Ways

Instagram Story lets users share memories (photos, videos, etc) with their family or followers with just a few clicks. Mentioning or tagging someone in an Insta story is one of the most popular features after reels. As stories are highly customizable there are several tricks to hide mentions even after publishing stories.

However, there are moments when we want no one to know that we mentioned someone on Instagram Stories. Anything might be the cause. As we use social media, we should be aware of privacy and manage our online presence effectively.

But how can you tag other people in your story without having a screen full of usernames and avoiding privacy concerns? Let’s explore how to mention someone in your Instagram story without revealing their username using 5 unique methods.

Simple Ways To Hide Insta UserNames or Tags On a Story

How to Hide UserName or Tags from Instagram Story

Approximately 86.6% of Instagram’s users post stories every day, then why not join them with unique style stories starting with your Tags? So, here are some unique yet useful ways to hide mentions/usernames/tags which are quite simple. The below methods include swiping usernames, reducing text size, etc even after publishing stories.

Intresting Fact : More than 900 million Instagram users use Instagram Stories every day. (EarthWeb)

1. Swipe the username off from the Instagram story.

  • Create the Story in the Instagram app
  • Mention/Tag someone.
  • Press and hold the sticker.
  • Now just move the sticker, outside of the mobile screen.

2. Reduce the Instagram Tag Size to Make It Invisible.

  • Create the Story in the Instagram app.
  • Add Mention or Tag someone.
  • Reduce the Size of the Text until you make it a Dot.
  • Now Drag that outside of the screen or place it at the corners.

Depending on the overall color scheme of your story post, it is recommended to select a neutral username color, such as black or white, using this strategy. Avoid striking, eye-catching colors like red or any other dark shades.

3. Hide Usernames with a Sticker.

  • Create an Insta Story
  • Mention Someone.
  • Tap on the Sticker Icon and select a solid-colored sticker.
  • Once Done, Hold the Sticker and Cover the username.

4. Sync the Username Colour with Background Colour.

  • Create an Insta Story.
  • Add Mention or Username.
  • Tap on Color Wheel Icon.
  • Select the color picker tool.
  • Pick the Background color to blend the Username.

But, this technique is only completely functional with a solid colored backdrop for your stories. The username tag might not be completely hidden if your backdrop is a photo; you might only be able to partially hide it.

5. To Hide Insta mentions, Use a Shared Post.

  • Share a Post on Story.
  • Add Mentions.

  • Once Done, Just Tap on the Post.


So, here are various methods to hide Instagram mentions/usernames/tags from Instagram stories. The easiest way to do it is to just swipe the text outside the mobile screen. These methods are handy when you are with your family or friends on a trip and tag them without any privacy concerns. The stories full of usernames look crowded instead hide them and let your photo take center stage even after you tag your friends and relatives. Anyone tagged in the story will still be notified and can re-share your story easily later.

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  1. Can you mention someone on Instagram story without it showing?

    A person’s username will not show up in your story when you mention them in existing story, but they will get a notification.

  2. What if I mention someone who doesn’t follow me?

    The person will still be notified that they have been tagged by you.

  3. Can you see mentions from private accounts?

    The comments and mentions related to that image or video will only be visible to those who follow the private profile.